Pi.eco’s mission is to apply advanced leading-edge technologies to produce sustainable and profitable solutions to the appalling pollution problems faced by the planet.

As pi is a number with multiple and infinite possibilities pi.eco-recognizes and employs multiple sustainable technologies to clean up the disastrous pollution effecting the planet and the lives of the people that inhabit it.

Pi.eco-is dedicated to removing and recycling in a sustainable manner, the pollution resulting from man’s advancing and inundating industrial growth. For decades we have been thoughtlessly harvesting and then discarding the resources of the globe including plastics, metals, glass, rubber municipal waste etc. without regard to the finite nature of our planet and its ability to absorb this “garbage”. Living on a small blue marble in the vastness of space the idea of “throwing away garbage” is pure folly as the globe has a finite capacity to handle this waste. Our world has now become toxic and catastrophically polluted to the detriment of all life on the planet.

Pi.Eco provides multiple advanced sustainable technological solutions to rid our land, water and air of these man-made contaminants.