Pi Eco employs the most advanced commercially available technology for the remediation of plastic pollution.

Technology that works

Pi Eco employs technology that provides a low carbon footprint method for converting virtually any plastic into low sulfur petroleum distillates such as gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel all with high efficiency and profitability.

This enables Pi Eco to focus on the elimination of plastic waste in landfills, rivers, oceans etc. all while creating usable low sulfur commodities for the global market. Each system is designed to operate 24/seven and can convert 50 tons per day of waste plastic into the petroleum distillate or fuel which is most profitable in that locale.

Technology Highlights

  • - Each renewable fuel system can produce approximately 3-4 million (dependent on feedstock) gallons of Renewable Diesel per year and can be placed in a footprint of approximately 2,500 sq. ft.
  • - Each unit can process up to 48MT tons of waste plastic numbers #1-#7 per day yeilding 400 gallons of fuel per hour.
  • - Each system produces light distillate fuels, such as low Sulphur diesel, jet fuel, gasoline or any petroleum distillates (referred to as “renewable fuel”).
  • - We can process waste plastic in an extremely efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly manner for a total cost of $0.35-$0.65 per gallon depending on the installation location.
  • - The Systems we employ can operate in a completely oxygen free environment. With no oxygen there can be no combustion, therefore no Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions are released into the atmosphere during the breakdown of the plastic.

Specific applications of the fuel include:

  • Marine Fuel - meeting the most recent low suplhur fuel requirements
  • Automotive Fuel
  • Heating oil
  • Aviation Fuel
  • The fuel produced from the Renewable Fuel Processing machine is considered a renewable diesel. It can be used as a drop-in fuel or blended with all diesel fuels which meets or exceeds the chemical and performance characteristics of traditional petroleum-based products as tested and verified by many labs including the Southwest Research Institute.

Manufactured 100% in the USA, and built to the highest quality standards, installed turnkey by a team of fully trained engineers.